Buyers MACY’S and FOX’S joined CHRISTI SOTHERS at the ATF Fashion House NYC GALA during NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 22


The 5th Avenue Distribution Company welcomed shoppers and brands to LAVO NYC during NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 22

We think we’ve found something here – the results speak for themselves. Building proximity and an intimate relationship between brands and buyers is the key to mutual success. We can’t wait for what’s next!”

— Mariah Fisher, Buyer Screening Team, ATF Fashion House NYC

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, USA, Oct. 14, 2022 / — September 12 was undoubtedly one of those dates to circle in the 2022 fashion calendar, as major fashion houses and brands are taking the Big Apple by storm for a Networking and Runway Gala Dinner at LAVO, hosted by ATF Fashion House NYC (ATFH), a buying and distribution company located at 5th Avenue and Central Park, introducing a new concept and a new way of doing business in the fashion industry.

New York Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in the world that takes place twice a year in February and September. During NYFW, hundreds of organizations host and co-host series of events across the city. The city welcomes over 300,000 visitors and generates over $1 billion in tangible and intangible revenue through hospitality, transportation, entertainment, sales, transactional exchanges, taxes, and more.

ATF Fashion House NYC brought buyers, stores and brands to cities to connect and initiate potential business collaborations.

New York giant MACY’s with over 500 stores joined the party, represented by 3 teams of shoppers looking for bags, luggage, jewelry, women’s clothing, men’s clothing and more. Considering how difficult and time-consuming it can be for brands to enter these large consortia, this was a great opportunity for designers to connect directly with buyers, access information and advice, and initiate potential purchases.

New York shopper FOX’S was also in the house, with more than 16 stores across the United States, the high-end retailer was looking to meet brands selling women’s clothing, shoes and accessories to stock its inventory. important.

Store owners showed up to connect with the brands – Midtown fine diamond jewelry, CHRISTI SOTHERS, was looking for new creative artists to feature at their Grand Central store on East 42 Street, and showcasing their latest certified grown diamonds in the laboratory, with the same optical and physical properties. of mined diamond but more affordable, environmentally friendly and conflict-free.

While most companies held traditional fashion shows in the T-Runway format, ATFH was flying in its own lane. The company hosted a Black Tie Fashion Gala at the prestigious LAVO NYC at Madison Avenue and 58th Street, allowing fashion brands to display their wares in a shopping booth accessible to all attending guests, demonstrating that consumers and buyers are more confident when they can. touching items instead of scrolling through a website or digital point of sale;

They also granted about 90 minutes of networking cocktail to attendees, demonstrating that designers struggle to access buyers and fashion professionals at events because most events are typically segmented and priority is given to celebrities and stars, letting up-and-coming designers pitch their brands and hoping for the best of cold followings via social media or email if they can snatch a business card on the way out;

And to complete the full package, ATFH woke up the evening with a Glamorous Runway Dinner, reminding us of what RALPH LAUREN and CHANEL did successfully some time ago. The models introduced the brands to guests during a seated dinner inside LAVO’s Grand Salon in a warm and friendly atmosphere that engaged and empowered everyone.

About ATF Fashion House NYC
ATFH is a purchasing and distribution company. We bet on emerging designers with the potential to topple some of the biggest global brands. We curate a selection of brands with high growth potential from various countries and offer them for purchase to verified buyers within our network. We organize several fashion event formats throughout the year (Fashion Week, Fashion Show, Buyers Runway, Buyers Dinner, Brands Auction, Fashion x Charity, Roadshows). We’re located on 5th Avenue and Central Park, New York City, the world’s premier fashion street, home to all the major fashion brands. Every year, we travel the world to discover niche and up-and-coming fashion designers who could be the next GUCCI, NIKE, CARTIER or LOUIS VUITTON.

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