Dee Ell Collection – A unique fashion house by Dee Ell Webb

The fashion industry is a potential multi-billion dollar holding company globally. It is dedicated to the activity of creation and sale of clothing. In fact, in the 21st century, style trends in this industry are dominating the whole world more than they have ever done in history. Indeed, online platforms have also boosted the sale and purchase of clothing.

Today, more and more designer brands have crossed the world and mark their booth with new concepts and innovative design powers. Nowadays, fashion sense and niche are described in more detail by designers. Indeed, fashion has become the latest integral part of life, which cannot be ignored at all in today’s era of style with creativity.

Dee Ell Collection is a fresh newcomer as well as an extremely emotional fashion house, where people could see their fashion dreams come to life. This amazing online fashion store is also a source of reminding people about the importance of owning an eco-friendly closet.

This particular brand belongs to Dee Ell Webb, who lives in Vancouver, which is a major city in western Canada. She graduated in Fashion Design from Ontario Canada and she has gained extensive experience in the fashion industry. The designer has been in fashion, designing dreams since childhood.

There is a great love that you will find in the designer for drawing, draping and styling the clients. She even took massive amounts of courses in sewing, pattern making, and textile design.

She is able to define and encourage the individuality of clients very well. She is an educated person with the required knowledge and caliber as she has had a long journey in the fashion industry. So she always thought about creating her own brand and giving back to people as well as the nature around her. Here is the first look from the official website of The Dee Ell Collection:

Dee Ell Collection: A Unique Fashion House by Dee Ell Webb

Concepts Executed at the Dee Ell Collection

One of a kind – Here in this concept, there is an option given to wear the dress on the client’s inner emotions and sentimental dreams. The creation of the whole dream could be illustrated in a well-shaped way on a personalized basis.

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The whole process of discussion, design and creation is a journey that the customer can enjoy and cherish the most. In reality, ‘One of a kind‘ is a very good option, especially if one wants to own a style of his own taste or wish.

Organic Design to Match Durability: This abstraction or notion is mainly focused on recycling and reusing the material. This process is used to safeguard the nature around us. It is not based on using chemical-dependent choices to design a particular fashion piece. It is therefore aimed at all nature lovers who like to be part of eco-responsible concepts.

Silky satin: This assumption or idea is based on the use of the fabric which is recognized as satin. It has a soft, dark and very fine gloss finish attached to it. It is mainly used for accessories that complement dresses that are largely for parties. It includes party bags and even ruffled tops that are worn over the base garment. People really like to wear satin on all occasions other than parties.

Dee Ell is all about nature and the environment with unique pieces that are just yours.

There are some more wonderful concepts, such as “The power of flowers in dresses’ and ‘Full Bloom’; here, her wardrobe look could totally turn out to be all about livening up and bringing a cheerful floral touch to a lavish design. Here are some of the best designs conceptualized by Dee Ell Webb:

Dee El Collection Product Gallery

Environmentally conscious design

The Dee Ell Collection brand is very concerned about creating eco-friendly designs. It brings a holistic touch to the entire industry. In fact, all creations are observed and designed in Canada by the designer herself.

In the words of Dee Ell Webb – “Clothes are something to create memories, love, enjoy and pass on to younger generations”.

All the more, it is good enough to characterize and emphasize the importance of possessing durable designs; because wearing and feeling cool and fashionable with the natural fabric in natural designs brings a sense of content, wholesome thoughts and deep satisfaction!

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To conclude, one could mention that Dee Ell Collection does its best to create a great custom designer piece. They like what you like as a customer! Turning your inner fantasy into a desirable prospect is therefore their passion.

Dee Ell Collection: A Unique Fashion House by Dee Ell Webb

Ultimately, we encourage you to follow Dee Ell Collection on their social media handles, such as Instagram and Facebook. This would help you access their latest completed projects and check for new updates to their design.

Also, you can subscribe to their Youtube channel to watch Dee Ell’s latest product videos; as well as one could file a request for any inquiries by visiting the contact page of the brand on the official website. You can tap on the first link below to check out the full details on Dee Ell’s website or on your desired link to follow them on a particular social media platform.

Dee Ell Collection: A Unique Fashion House by Dee Ell Webb

Learn more about Dee Ell Webb

In addition to being a fashion designer, and when she’s not busy working on new concepts at Dee Ell Collection, Dee Ell Webb enjoys being close to nature. She is a very good photographer and a good cook, and she also likes to write inspirational and motivational quotes. Here are some of his popular quotes:

Top 50 Dee Ell Webb Quotes

  1. Plant the seeds and watch your wonderful dreams blossom.
  2. Love the planet, love the people, love the flowers.
  3. You are so pretty in petals.
  4. We believe in you, go out and share your magic.
  5. Express yourself in personalized prints.
  6. Dance with confidence, in your flowery life.
  7. Fill your days with pretty flowers. You deserve it!
  8. Spread your roots and travel in this beautiful world.
  9. Dance through life, feel like the beautiful dahlia that you are.
  10. Feel inspired, in pieces that bring out your uniqueness.
  11. Bloom in style.
  12. Celebrate your beautiful body, in silky soft fabrics.
  13. Feel joyful, in prints inspired by nature.
  14. Fill your closet with flowers.
  15. Love what you do with passion.
  16. You always deserve the best.
  17. Let go of control and let the universe take over with its blessings.
  18. Hold everything you love, in your hands.
  19. Sometimes all we need is a little warmth from each other.
  20. The more the questions are answered, the more the discovery.
  21. Don’t chase the butterfly, take care of the garden and the butterflies will come.
  22. Always follow the path filled with flowers.
  23. With all the uncertainties in the world lately and indescribable events. One thing is always certain, nature is always there with comfort and attention.
  24. Imagination, admiration and genuine happiness are what flowers symbolize.
  25. Follow what makes you feel good. Grow and let yourself continue to bloom.
  26. If you look closely you will see everything through a frame.
  27. Fill your life with whatever excites you.
  28. Never be afraid to take the trip alone.
  29. Fill your workspace with things that bring you happiness.
  30. Let go and trust the bloom.
  31. Fill every moment with color.
  32. Fluttering into the unknown is where the magic happens.
  33. The Moon represents powerful feminine energy.
  34. No matter where you are, in this big beautiful world, the magic of nature is around you.
  35. You are one of a kind and never forget that.
  36. Life is so beautiful when it’s green 💚
  37. Even in the dark, the days still bloom. 💚
  38. Sometimes all you need is to look up!
  39. Change like the seasons, grow for the right reasons, let those old petals go and bring in your new glow.
  40. Change is all around us. 🍁
  41. If you look close enough, you will see the beauty of everything.
  42. The greatest gift you can give yourself and others is education.
  43. Class and grace are irreplaceable.
  44. Plant your happiness, plant your life, plant your dreams.
  45. Always keep growing. 🌺
  46. Beauty doesn’t have to be artificial.
  47. Creative thinking is how it all starts.
  48. Stay still, breathe, smile ❤️ This moment won’t last forever.
  49. Things come and go, but if we cherish them, they mean so much more. 🌸
  50. It takes time for things to grow, don’t rush, enjoy! ❤️

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