Digital fashion house The Manufacturer paves the way for more innovation

You’ve probably heard of the Amsterdam-based label, The Manufacturer. Lately, their name has been associated with fashion luminaries in the vein of Adidas, Off-White and Tommy Hilfiger; a tour de force in the NFT market determined to push the boundaries when it comes to wearable devices and digital assets. Using 3D animation software, motion capture and body scanning, The Fabricator has continually produced groundbreaking designs that have upended the intersection between the physical fashion industry and the metaverse, which a model should continue to see how they recently got $14 million. financing value.

The funding round is led by investor Greenfield One; a crypto and blockchain venture capital firm. Other entrants include Guy Oseary’s Ashton Kutcher and Sound Ventures and Red Dao among many others. This funding will be used to support more ventures and projects from The Fabricator Studio, a subsidiary of the company created to build the Metaverse Wardrobe.

“Since 2016, The Manufacturer has been testing the limits of what is possible for fashion. We founded the world’s first digital-only fashion house, establishing the concept of non-physical tailoring and building an industry from the ground up. We faced a lot of pushback in the beginning we were told it would never work and what we did was both stupid and pointless there was no doubt in our minds that we were creating the future of self-expression in virtual spaces, so we focused on leadership with our values ​​and made elevating digital craftsmanship our north star,” shares Kerry Murphy, Founder and CEO of The Fabricator.

“It means so much that our investment partners have recognised, validated and supported our strategy,” he adds. “The funding allows us to scale our work building the metaverse’s wardrobe through our co-creation platform The Fabricator Studio, and means we can continue our role as pioneers for a more creative, innovative and innovative fashion industry. fair.”

All things considered, there’s no doubt that a new chapter is in the works when it comes to both the realm of fashion and the metaverse. The company has partnered with World of Women, for its part, for an upcoming project that is set to drop in May 2022, and has also since worked with 3D-based artist Stephy Fung on a wearable range based on the zodiac which should be launched from April 15th. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with what they have in the works, according to Amber Slooten, co-founder and creative director of The Fabricator, who affirms in a press release.

Courtesy of the Manufacturer

“The story of digital fashion needs a new narrative. One that leaves toxic behaviors and waste behind and looks to the 21st century and beyond. In the metaverse, we get to create new ground game where everyone can benefit from and enjoy the love of self-expression, and create an economy around it,” says Slooten. “We’ve designed the tools to help build a new fashion industry, one in which we believe we will all prosper.”