Iconic Manchester fashion house Horrockses is back with a new vintage dress collaboration

Two Manchester fashion houses have come together for an exclusive range of vintage-inspired dresses…

Historic Northwest Fashion House Horrocks has partnered with the rising star in the sustainable and affordable clothing market, Joanie Clothingto create an exceptional collection range steeped in history and style.

The Horrockses Fashions x Joanie Collectionfeaturing an exclusive range of vintage-inspired dresses, packed with 1950s silhouettes influenced and inspired by your favorite Horrockses designs from the archives, as well as some of the classic Joanie shapes you know and love.

Sustainably sourced 100% organic cotton dresses feature some of Horrockses most kitsch and interesting prints, painstakingly reproduced by Joanie’s female-led design team to replicate the look and feel of vintage Horrockses dresses original.

When creating this range, Joanie focused on make modern heirlooms – dresses that will be treasured and passed down as original Horrockses – living up to the famous Horrockses slogan: this year, next year – and always.

Creating wearable and easy-care garments with more stretch and an expanded size range means the new collection is accessible, inclusive and sustainable.

First launched in the 1940s, the original Horrockses collections were known for their high quality fabrics and vibrant, playful prints, worn by the likes of Joan Collins, Princess Margueriteand even Queen Elizabeth IIwho selected several dresses for her Royal Commonwealth Tour.

Many members of the royal family were fans of Horrockses designs in the 1950s and beyond, which contributed immensely to their appeal. The Queen’s royal tour of the Commonwealth sparked renewed interest in the brand as for the first time Horrockses Fashions enabled many middle and working class people to own the same dress as the Queen.

Interest in the brand continued long after the fashion house officially closed in 1983. Horrockses Fashions iconic dresses are highly sought after in the vintage market due to their unique designs, rich history and superior quality.

Creating feel-good clothing with a nod to nostalgia, Joanie Clothing strives to create one-of-a-kind designs that take your favorite vintage pieces and reimagine them for the everyday modern wardrobe. They are favored by celebrities and influencers, with well-known fans like Lorraine Kelly, Zoella and Holly Willoughby. Joanie prides herself on designing everything in-house at her headquarters in Manchester, UK.

As a fiercely independent brand driven by a love of vintage style and dedicated to making clothes that last, this latest collaboration with acclaimed brand Horrockses Fashions is a perfect fit for Joanie.

Joanie’s conscious choice to offer inclusive sizing and create sustainable clothing at an affordable price is a big part of what makes the brand unique. The original Horrockses collections were known for their higher prices and, reflecting the times, their limited size. As part of this exclusive collaboration, Joanie reinvents iconic garments and creates an accessible and affordable line for everyone, without compromising on quality, ensuring that the models can be worn and re-worn for years to come: this year, the next year – and always .

Lucy, Brand Director of Joanie Clothing Ltd, comments: “For me, finding an original Horrockses dress is like hitting the vintage jackpot! Discovering one in a charity shop or at a vintage fair is like finding gold; a keyhole dress in the past, a glimpse of the glamor of times past. Being able to open the archival books and reinterpret these iconic designs is an honor for Joanie.

The parallels between Horrockses’ offices in Pin Mill Brow and ours a stone’s throw away in Ardwick, Manchester are obvious; so much has changed in the world, but so much remains the same too.


Horrockses Fashions x Joanie is set to showcase the exclusive collection at the official launch event on April 21 at the Anthony Burgess International Foundation.

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