New York Fashion Week – ATF Fashion House NYC Hosts Black Tie Gala at LAVO, September 12



ATF Fashion House NYC

This New York fashion company is taking a disruptive approach to helping designers and brands connect with fashion shoppers during NYFW 22.

While Paris, London and Milan Fashion Weeks are amazing, Real Money is in New York.

— Melissa Harrys, Head of Partnerships and Brand Distribution, ATFH

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, USA, Aug. 23, 2022 / — Earlier this week Kelly James Gordon of WFM – “Who Follows Me”, a tech advertising company that reaches over 2 billion people via technology-driven advertising in over 50 countries, sat down with our very own Melissa Harrys, Head of Brand Partnerships and Distribution at ATF Fashion House NYC, to discuss the upcoming NEW YORK FASHION WEEK and the role that ATFH plans to perform at the biggest fashion gathering in the world.

Kelly James Gordon:
Hello Melissa, Welcome to WFM, we’re so glad to have you! Let’s start with what everyone thinks – What is ATF Fashion House and what is the story behind the concept?

Melissa Harrys:
Thanks Kelly for inviting me, wow you are a straight shooter haha. Well, ATFH is a fashion buying and distribution company dedicated to partnering with talented emerging designers to capture significant shares of major global consumer markets.

The term “ATF” comes from “App The Future LLC”, a technology venture capital firm also owned by our investor, they build and operate digital platforms for celebrities and brands and attract hundreds of millions of users worldwide across multiple industries such as Fashion, Sports, Music, Movies & TV. They realized they had access to a huge global consumer audience, but only used it to serve third parties such as sponsors and advertisers, or to sell them celebrity-branded products.

At one point they thought that was pretty limited and that they could do more because, let’s face it, that’s what everyone is looking for: broad access and reach to consumers who can increase your sales. So they decided to start their own consumer division, and ATFH was created. Myself and a few others were excited to join the team and see it through.

Kelly James Gordon:
Your operations are located on 5th Avenue – Why stay in New York? And why Midtown? We are seeing more and more fashion units moving to the SoHo and Chelsea neighborhoods.

Melissa Harrys:
Well, we were already based in New York – that’s where most of our sister companies operate, so we have a solid base here, because we know where to knock, who to call and where to press to get things done. Our investor has built a pretty robust rolodex in this city, which, if properly leveraged, can skyrocket our growth in no time and with very little resources. The other reason was purely financial – the US has over 48% of the global market and New York is the number one fashion market in America, that’s where the money is.

As for Midtown Manhattan, it was a no-brainer. While downtown is already awash with multi-designer hubs like FLYING SOLO and several others, 5th Avenue is still SNOB street, Madison and Park Avenues are mostly reserved for established brands and fashion powerhouses. We wanted to break that uniformity and spotlight emerging brands on the world’s premier fashion street.

Kelly James Gordon:
NEW YORK FASHION WEEK – ATFH is planning a whole series of events. Why take center stage at NYFW this year?

Melissa Harrys:
Well, NYFW is the biggest fashion event in the world. While the Paris, London and Milan Fashion Weeks are amazing, the real money is in New York. A Designer who explodes in New York ends up exploding in Europe, which is not necessarily the case on the other side. A brand that is exploding in Europe still has to do a lot of work to penetrate the USA. With COVID-19, Fashion Weeks have kind of exploded for the past 2 years, now things are moving again, people are coming back, hungrier than ever, and we’re ready to capture all the excitement. Over 300,000 visitors arrive in town and north of $1 billion is expected to be redeemed. We are in the RIGHT city, at the RIGHT time, with the RIGHT opportunity.

Kelly James Gordon:
ATFH BLACK TIE GALA, September 12 eh… Tell us more, and why a Gala when everyone is used to the traditional parade?

Melissa Harrys:
Haha, as you’ve probably noticed, we tend not to do things like everyone else. We strive to disrupt, innovate and change the status quo.

But seriously, listen, we don’t do events that are all about publicity and awareness. Our events are specifically targeted at deals and sales. The Media and PR Bling bundle is nice, but doesn’t convert easily, it requires another investment to see its real impact on your bottom line.

September 12 ATFH GALA is a high-end networking event bringing together 100 fashion buyers, distributors and retailers organized to connect with 60 carefully selected brands in high fashion, modest fashion, streetwear, shoes, swimwear , eyewear and accessories from Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, India, Nigeria, France, Australia, Germany, Italy, Canada, Colombia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Morocco, Senegal, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Tanzania, Kenya, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil and United States.

Kelly James Gordon:
I’m trying to imagine the setup, and I have to ask – How’s it going to be? What can attendees expect?

Melissa Harrys:
Well, the first hour starts with an OPEN NETWORK COCKTAIL – Buyers and brands are identified by pins of different colors, they can interact and initiate conversations around potential opportunities and collaborations, and exchange information.

Next, we move on to the BUYERS DINNER which is enlivened by keynote speeches from buyers sharing industry insights, market analysis and advice on best practices for brands; and followed by a RUNWAY dinner style, similar to the RALPH LAUREN and CHANNEL shows.

We will design a section of the venue in the form of a store and invite guests throughout the event to explore and place orders on the items they love. When networking, designers can be more compelling by taking shoppers to the buying booth to show off their products, instead of the usual “I have product photos or videos in my phone.”


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