Niva Fashion House shines at DXB Fashion Week – News

Niva Fashion House CEO Ahmed El Dakroury (right) and Director Amr El Kady at the DXB Fashion Week grand finale. — Photo provided

On the final day, Niva Fashion House presented a mix of avant-garde and haute couture collections featuring royalty named Vogue Amore Runway Collection.

Published: Fri, April 1, 2022, 9:42 PM

Last update: Fri, April 1, 2022, 9:45 PM

Niva Fashion House, one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the region, offering high fashion collections for special occasions, concluded the grand finale of DXB Fashion Week leaving a significant mark in the heart fashion enthusiasts.

The three-day DXB Fashion Week, one of the biggest fashion events in the Middle East which concluded on Thursday, showcased the region’s top designers and exceptional collections.

On the final day, Niva Fashion House presented a mix of avant-garde and haute couture collections featuring royalty named Vogue Amore Runway Collection. The collection included pieces with various hand embroidery techniques, asymmetrical, 3D extrusions and much more.

Niva offers a range of styles suitable for people who love fashion, from workwear to women’s tops and blouses, to evening and runway.

Ahmed El Dakroury, Managing Director of Niva Fashion House, said: “This three-day fashion extravaganza has delighted all fashion lovers and style influencers. It was a visual feast of beautiful models gliding down the catwalk and this fascinating experience will long be remembered by the public. As we are a “Made in UAE” brand, our collection showcased Dubai’s love for grace and elegance. »

El Dakroury added, “Niva looks between the lines to offer the best clothes and offers fashion enthusiasts the greatest variety, incredible exclusives and the coolest collaborations. We design clothes for your most memorable moments with a modern twist that you’ll be proud to wear.

Launched in the time of Covid-19 in late 2020, Niva Fashion House is a contemporary online clothing brand known for its on-trend styles.

He said: “Digital innovation, increasing globalization and shifts in consumer consumption habits have catapulted the fashion industry into the midst of seismic shifts.”

With a global market value of $759.5 billion in 2021, apparel, accessories and footwear is the world’s largest e-commerce sector. Over the next five years, the 7.18% compound annual growth rate of online fashion will take the industry to over $1 trillion.

El Dakroury said, “Shop our new collection in our online store, ranging from fashion dresses to tops, rompers, pants, outerwear and more.”

As for the designs, the creative director of Niva Fashion House expressed her unbridled creativity in the collection, infusing modern details such as massive bows, strategic cutouts and confident necklines.

He said there were also heavy embellishments made on blouses perfect for chic events. He added that each piece is created with a different story that defines and flatters the wearer.

Niva Fashion House is a Canadian brand made in the UAE on a mission to warm up the less fortunate around the world a little. Every time an item of clothing is purchased, the company will donate a portion of its profits with a focus on poverty alleviation to stand in solidarity with those in need. [email protected]